MP-C1 Chenille Mop Pad



MP-C1 Chenille Mop Pad chooses spunlaced non-woven fabric mop material, more water absorption.The double-sided reusable chenille mop pads, with chenille on one side and coral fleece on the other, is still made of microfiber. Different appearance among chenille mop pad gives you a new cleaning experience.

MP-C1 Chenille Mop Pad Specification

Power Action Spray Mop Replacement Pads Use And Care

Use with Merrell spray mop and flat mop.

Put the double-sided mop base onto the chenille pad and fix it firmly.

Then you can start to mop the floor with floor mop with water spray in the way you like. A microfiber mop cover is recommended to mop the floor from the farthest place in the room, and then move back to the exit or door.

Always keep the leading edge of the mop forward to ensure that all collected dust is kept at the same edge of the mop as much as possible.

Clean the chenille pad with a scraper after mopping the floor.

Microfiber Care:

Clean the slightly dirty microfiber cloth with cleaning solution under warm water, remove the dirt and dust on the surface with a scraper after each use, and thoroughly wash the microfiber mop cloth before the next use, and then hang it to dry or put it into a dryer.

You can use washing powder to wash microfiber cloth with other lint-free clothes.

Do not use bleach. When cleaning superfine fibers, do not use fabric softeners or desiccants, because these additives will cover the fiber surface and reduce the effective cleaning ability of microfiber.

In order to obtain the best effect after cleaning and prolong the service life of the mop pad, please use the machine for drying. Of course, microfibre mop cloth can also be hung to dry.


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MP-C1 Chenille Mop Pad Highlights

Chenille side, comfortable hand feel, soft fabric, delicate and deep cleaning floor,excellent cleaning material different from ordinary materials.

MP-C1 Chenille Mop Pad Highlights

MP-C1 Chenille Mop Pad Highlights

Coral side, strong water absorption, equipped with chenille side, double-sided cleaning floor, spray mop disposable pads are suitable for floor tiles of various materials.

Velcro design, durable,long service life, easy disassembly, convenient cleaning after use, humanized design of all spray mop replacement pads.

MP-C1 Chenille Mop Pad Highlights

MP-C1 Chenille Mop Pad Highlights

High quality lined sponge,eliminate the use of poor quality materials,provide users with excellent and high-quality cleaning experience