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Diamond Opening Self-cleaning Screen

Anpeng Diamond shape self-cleaning is consist of crimped round wires bond togther by polyurethane bars creating the ‘Square’ or ‘Diamond’ openings. This type of screens serves all the functions of traditional Square woven wire mesh, by providing precise sizing control and increase open area. What’s more is that the diamond self-cleaning screen is able to eliminate blinding, pegging and clogging problems due to its special design and structure. Each wire will vibrate at different frequency during screening, and this is what creates the self-cleaning effects of all our self-cleaning series.Features of Diamond Opening Screen

Features of Diamond Opening Screen


Eliminate blinding and clogging



Higher open area than traditional square mesh



Increase production and lower costs



Accurate sizing



Wear resistance, corrosion resistance



High screening efficiency – up to 40 % more throughput

Self-cleaning Screens Quality Control

Anpeng Self-cleaning screen Quality Control


Incoming Goods Inspection (IQC)

Raw materials such as high tensile steel wires, polyurethane, and stainless steel wires underwent rigid inspection by our QC inspector when first arrive at our warehouse. We test the chemical components, physical properties, and general conditions of the materials. Defective goods would be returned or disposed of, which would not be used in any Anpeng Wire Mesh Production Process.