• $3000


100% Compostable bakery Containers

Our clamshell food containers are made from 100% compostable sugarcane fibers, yet offer the same sturdy function and easy cleanup as single-use plastic and disposable containers, so you can make a small step towards ensuring a sustainable future.


Great For Many Occasions

Compostable To Go Boxes and Cutlery are the perfect disposable tableware to serve friends and family at gatherings such as picnics, lunches, BBQs, birthday parties, camping, tailgates, and other special events.


Heavy Duty And Double Locking

Our eco-friendly clamshell take-out containers were designed to handle hefty foods and feature a double lock closure that ensures safe travel and storage. They’re also microwavable and refrigerator safe so you can enjoy leftovers without dirtying extra dishes!


Hot Or Cold Foods And Microwave Safe

Our 100% biodegradable food containers can be used for hot or cold foods and won’t leach chemicals as you reheat your food like plastic or styrofoam containers.


Ideal Takeout Containers For Businesses

Compostable To Go Containers are perfect for all eco-friendly restaurants, food trucks, or caterers that want a substitute for styrofoam or plastic to-go boxes.