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Pick Top 5 Sexologists in Patna, Bihar | Dr. Sunil Dubey

If you are looking for Top 5 Sexologist in Patna, then you definitely know about the famous sexologist in Patna or India. In fact, you are tired of changing your sexual medications. You are confused to choose your best sexologist doctor in Patna. Well, now is the time to completely recover your sexual health through natural medicine and treatments. Ayurvedic treatment is a permanent solution to any sexual disease. Authentic and experienced sexologist provides you complete relief from your sexual problem.


About top 5 Sexologists in Patna, Bihar:

Whenever you search for top 5 sexologists in Patna on the internet, you mostly get directory sites. This directory does not provide the exact and specific name of a sexologist doctor due to which people get confused. If there is a particular doctor available on this search then it is clear that he is the best.


At present, we are discussing about the top sexologist of Patna. World famous Ayurvedacharya Dr. Sunil Dubey is the most trusted name in the profession of Ayurveda and sexology medical science. This is because he is the first Indian Sexologist Doctor to be awarded Bharat Gaurav Award, International Ayurveda Ratna Award, Asia Fame Ayurvedic Sexologist Doctor and Gold Medal at the same time. He provides his treatment and medicine facilities to men, women, married, young and middle aged sexual patients.


Why Dr. Sunil Dubey is Bihar’s Top Sexologist Doctor:

Dubey Clinic is the first Ayurveda and Sexology Medical Science Clinic of Bihar that was established in 1965 when there was no a single certified Ayurvedic clinic in Patna or Bihar. At present time, this clinic is solving more than fifty sexual patients’ problems every day. The faith and prayers of millions of sexual patients in India are attached to this clinic which makes it successful and No 1 Ayurvedic clinic in Bihar.


There is indeed a big story behind this world famous Ayurvedacharya occupying the top position. There are some features which must be considered and people are benefited by knowing them.

  • Treatment of more than 4 lakh sexual patients successfully
  • Higher education in Ayurveda and Sexology Medical Sciences
  • Gold Medalist & Bharat Gaurav Awardee first Indian Sexologist
  • International Ayurveda Ratna & Asia Fame Ayurvedic Sexologist Award
  • More than three and a half decades of experience in sexologist profession
  • Bihar Ratna, Bihar Jyoti, & Bihar Shree Award by Government of Bihar
  • Successful Ayurvedic Medicine Researcher & Sexual Counselor in India
  • Treats all over world sexual patients in Dubey Clinic
  • Lots of national and international awards winner in sexology medical science


Sexual patients from all the districts of Bihar believe that Dr. Sunil Dubey is the top class sexologist doctor of Bihar. More than 6 lakh sexual patients have benefited from Dubey Clinic so far. Apart from being a top class sexologist doctor, Dr. Sunil Dubey is also a true patriot. He politely declined many opportunities to practice abroad saying that he would like to stay in India and treat sexual patients from all over the world and he is doing so. He helps all the poor people of the society from time to time. He treats all the venereal and sexual patients of the society.


With best wishes:

Dubey Clinic

A certified clinic in India

Dr. Sunil Dubey, Gold Medalist Sexologist

B.A.M.S. (Ranchi) | M.R.S.H. (London) | Ph.D. in Ayurveda (USA)

Location: Dubey Market, Langar Toli, Chauraha, Patna – 04

Helpline No: +91 98350 92586; +91 91555 55112

Quora- https://dubeyclinic.quora.com/