Pigment Red 184

Product name


C.I.Pigment Red 184


CAS: 99402-80-9




12487; C.I.Pigment Red 184; P.R.184; Naphthol Rubine F6B; Permanent Rubine F6G;


Pigment Red 184 Physical and Chemical Properties

Hue or color light: Blue Red


Relative density: 1.35-1.40


Bulk density / (LB / gal): 11.2-11.6


Melting point / ℃: 320-330


Average particle size/ μ m: 0.10-0.12


Particle shape: small thin flake pigments red


Specific surface area / (m2 / g): 38-42


PH / (10% slurry): 5


Hiding power: translucent


Pigment Red 184 Application

The pigment is similar to C.I. Pigment Red 146 in color light, application performance, and chemical structure. It belongs to the modified product of C.I. Pigment Red 146. It is mainly used for printing ink. Its sample is resistant to soap, paraffin, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, etc; The lightfastness is 1 grade higher than that of C.I. Pigment Red 57:1; Excellent solvent resistance makes it suitable for all kinds of printing inks, such as packaging printing ink, flexo printing ink, and metal decoration printing ink. The heat stability is 170 ℃ / 10min, but it is not resistant to sterilization. There are 25 commodity brands on the market.