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Provide household with reliable clean energy, reduce the cost of electricity consumption.


Tunisia 180KW Residential Rooftop

Location: Tunis, Tunisia


Capacity: 180KW


Power generation: 322,600kWh/year


Coal saving: 129tons/year


CO2 emission reduction: 321,600kg/year


Switzerland 43KW Residential Rooftop

ocation: Thun, Switzerland


Capacity: 43KW


Power generation: 53,000kWh/year


Coal saving: 21,300kg/year


CO2 emission reduction: 53,100kg/year


BIH 17KW Residential Rooftop

Location: Sarajevo, BIH


Capacity: 17KW


Power generation: 21,600kWh/year


Coal saving: 8,600kg/year


CO2 emission reduction: 21,500kg/year


Jiangyin 12KW Residential Rooftop

Location: Jiangsu, China


Capacity: 12KW


Power generation: 13,000kWh/year


Coal saving: 5,000kg/year


CO2 emission reduction: 12,600kg/year


Germany 5KW Residential Rooftop

Location: Euskirchen, Germany


Capacity: 5KW


Power generation: 5,492kWh/year


Coal saving: 2,200kg/year


CO2 emission reduction: 5,500kg/year