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HJT Solar Module

Higher power, Higher reliability, Higher return

Huasun HJT solar modules have high power, high efficiency and high reliability. The annual power output can reach 6% to 12% higher than PERC bifacial solar module. The pv bifacial module has an obvious advantage of power generation in high temperature and weak light environment. Combined with Huasun’s unique sealing technology, Huasun bifacial double glass module has the better water vapor resistance and longer cyclelife.


Advantages of Huasun HJT Solar Module

Half-cut Cell Technology

This technology can decrease power losses, offer better shading tolerance and improve the resistance to micro-cracks and hotspot effect.


>85% Bifaciality

By virtue of the cell’s natural bifacial structure, bifacial solar modules can generate power from both sides, which brings more energy yield.


Lower Degradation

With no B-O bond and TCO film, LID and PID effect can be eliminated, which means less power loss and longer service life.


PIB Sealing

Such kind of encapsulant provide a more effective barrier to water vapor and prevent corrosion, so as to improve the reliability.


Leading Warranty

All Huasun HJT solar modules have 15-year product warranty and 30-year linear performance warranty, the power will remain above 88% during the service life.


Superior Power

The maximum power output of Huasun HJT solar modules has reached 723W, which can effectively reduce the LCOE and bring more investment returns to customers.


G12 Series

The maximum module power output can reach 723W with the conversion efficiency up to 23.28%, an ideal choice for ground-mounted PV applications.


G10 Series

Leading conversion efficiency, optimized size and weight, suitable for residential, C&I and utility projects.


M6 Series

The module series has a power output ranging from 380W to 500W, which is suitable for a variety of application scenarios, like C&I, residential and utility.