Outdoor solar farm lights are mainly used in farms, industrial parks, main traffic intersections, and other areas.


Normally, solar lights for farmhouse will be equipped with a monitoring function, which can monitor the situation in a certain range in real-time according to the needs of customers.


And now solar-powered farm lights are basically high-definition monitoring cameras, with WiFi + 4G function. Under any condition, a solar light for farm is recorded within the range. In some large farms, manors, and industrial parks, you can often spot solar powered lights wholesale for farmhouses.


Outdoor solar farm lights not only provide lighting needs but also meet the monitoring and recording needs of most customers. The solar power system is also available, which saves a lot of expenses for many farmers, such as cable laying and pipe laying.


As a professional solar lamp manufacturer in China, Second Sun provides solar lights for farmhouses which are 24-hour all-weather monitoring and real-time storage. And custom solar lights are accepted.


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