Container Sales


CIMC’s container business, a global leader in container manufacturing

The group has more than 40 national high-tech enterprises and 3 listed companies, with more than 40 years of industry experience


The annual output of dry containers is 2.2 million+


The annual output of reefer containers is 90,000+, and the market share is more than 50%


There are more than 50 categories of special containers, and most of the products have the largest global share


Covers multiple pickup locations around the world


China’s 5A-level logistics enterprises


IoT + global positioning to create intelligent and efficient container equipment


Product Advantages

Short lead time

Relying on CIMC’s strong production and manufacturing capabilities, customers have a short delivery cycle


Strong service network

There are supporting yard and maintenance services, registered members of classification societies, and have their own container numbers


Complete supporting services

Has a high-quality freight forwarding and shipping company network, complete supporting services


Supporting for management platform

Customers could use the perfect and stable monitoring and management platform