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No manual operation and the solar street light can be turned on and off, charged the battery automatically after installation, but here are some announcements about the maintenance of the solar street light as below:


Choose a place without any shelter when installing the solar street light and it’s the best position to install under the sunlight which can shine onto the solar panel directly;


Not hang anything onto the lamp, or it will affect its lifespan;


Clean the dust, leaves, bird droppings, and other rubbish regularly on the solar panel. Otherwise, it will affect the light conversion rate of the solar panel;


Do not detach the wholesale solar lights without any professional guidance to avoid artificial damage;


Do not make a fire or smoke under the lamp, ultra-high temperature and smoke will make damage the lamp;


Do not wipe the LED light source or other parts of the lamp body with the corrosive liquid. Otherwise, it’s easy to damage the lamp body and reduce the lamp lifespan;


Do not let hard or sharp things touch the solar panel.