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Solar Pillar Light



What is a solar pillar light?

Solar pillar light absorbs the sun’s light during the day and uses it for work at night. This kind of lamp is now installed in most rural areas. Solar pillar lamps are environmentally friendly and energy-saving and do not cost a lot of electricity. Solar column lights can automatically absorb light during the day and illuminate at night, which is very convenient. They also bring great benefits and convenience to people’s lives.


Features of solar column light

Solar column lights are energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Solar pillar lights use cold light sources, which have low heat generation, no radiation, and no pollution.

The solar-powered column light has high luminous efficiency, and the color temperature is arbitrarily adjustable between 4000-7000K. The luminous color of the solar pillar light is close to natural light.

The service life of solar column pillar lights is as long as 100,000 hours.

The solar column lights for outdoor are safe and reliable.


Advantages of using solar-powered pillar lights

Although the use of solar-powered pillar lights is also very common in our lives, it is generally used for lighting in scenic tourism, landscape areas, parks, residential quarters, gates, and villa walls. The analysis of the advantage of solar-powered outdoor pillar lights sold in Anern solar power store is that it is durable, economical, energy-saving, and stylish in shape. And solar column pillar light is directly powered by solar energy. It has high-tech environmental protection and emission reduction.


Generally, energy-saving lamps and LED light sources are selected as the light source of outdoor solar garden lights. However, according to the current development, LED light sources are more energy-saving and have a long life. Therefore, the current solar LED pillar lights are more popular and used by people. This use effect is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and the service life is longer. The material of outdoor pillar solar lights is composed of an iron lamp pole and PC lampshade.


The requirement for the use of solar-powered pillar lights is to choose a column light of the appropriate specification according to the size of the column, and its style selection should be combined with the style of the place where it is used. Otherwise, the use of solar garden pillar lights will be very incompatible and affect people’s visual experience.