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Solar Parking Lot Light


What is a solar parking lot light

Solar parking lot lights can be installed in a parking lot because all the wires and electricity need poles located on the top. There is no need to tear up the existing parking area and introduce external power, just set up a telephone pole, put the solar module on the top, and install solar parking lot lights below, and wait for it to get dark. Solar-powered parking lot lights will automatically light up at dusk and run the scheduled operation plan required by the end-user.


Features of solar-powered parking lot lights

Anern solar-powered parking lot lights can provide directional lighting to reduce light pollution, good visibility, and uniform lighting levels. You could find solar led parking lot lights for sale in Anern solar power store. You can also install the solar powered parking lights on the wall or roof of the building. A solar system can even provide power for multiple fixtures or illuminated signs on a building. There are many options for peripheral lighting systems. These solar powered parking lot lights can be the same as the parking lot area, or they can run on a separate schedule because they are independent of other lighting systems installed.


Advantages of solar power LED parking lot light

If you don’t want to pay a power company to power your lights, Anern led solar integrated lamp is a good choice. Since solar energy is renewable and does not cost anything, companies that use solar powered LED parking lot lights do not need additional costs.


Since there is no need to excavate the existing parking infrastructure, solar parking lot lights will save installation costs and provide zero cost for the facility’s electricity bill. This makes solar powered parking lot lights the first choice for many existing parking lots. Now the cables of these parking lots have begun to fail. Commercial solar LED parking lot lights will also provide a new solution for companies looking for green solutions.