Solid Form CRO Services and Formulation CDMO Services


As a Leading Expert in Solid Form, Solid-State Research, Pre-formulation, Formulation Development and Manufacturing, Crystal Pharmatech is recognized for the professional, high-quality service, fast and efficient response.


We offer a wide range of technologies and service to tailor your needs to help you develop, manufacture, and innovate your small molecules at any stage of formulation development through our innovative technology, extensive experience and practical solutions.


Innovative Solutions

API Form and Solid-State Research

We employ an integrated approach to identify and develop the best crystal form for your small molecules through effective screening and rigorous assessments.


Pre-formulation Studies

We can bridge the gap between the API and formulation through our solid-state service, which can be seamlessly progressed into pre-formulation research while de-risking your assets.


Formulations for PK/Efficacy/Tox Studies

We adopt integrated approach to find the right form and formulation through our SMART services, leading to the shortest possible development timelines with limited resource utilization.


Formulation Development

We guide our customers into making smarter formulation choices. Ultimately, this reduces the risk of clinical failure and ensures your product reaches the clinic rapidly via the most efficient route.


Clinical and Commercial Manufacturing

We provide flexible and reliable OSD manufacturing services using versatile technologies to address your formulation challenges.


Analytical Chemistry

We provide customers with high-quality analytical chemistry services throughout the full life cycle from the early clinical stage to commercial manufacturing.


Proven Success for Partnership

For biotech, Crystal Pharmatech offers practical, innovative, cost-effective and comprehensive solutions from early development to GMP manufacturing. By utilizing our Molecule-Material-Medicine (MMM) approach, we work diligently with you to move your molecule into clinic faster with optimal API formulation and form .