Solid-State Characterization (FAST)


Solid-State Characterization (FAST)

The active pharmaceutical ingredient(API)’s solid form has a significant impact on the entire lifecycle of drug development. Different solid forms show significantly different physicochemical properties that will impact the performance of drug substances.


Solid State Characterization (FAST)




Our Solid State Characterization Service, which is referred to as Focused Analytical Solids Testing (FAST), covers many routine analyses encountered during pharmaceutical development. The FAST concept is directly aligned with our goal of partnering with organizations instead of merely providing data.


Every FAST result will be accompanied with interpretation that is aimed at solving your specific development needs. We also promise FAST lives up to its’ acronym with our timing and quality guarantee.


We’re not happy unless you’re happy. With FAST, you can have the solid state characterization lab you’ve always wanted in-house.