Fiber Patch Cord or jumper is a fiber cable that has fiber connectors terminated on one or both ends. General use of these cable assemblies includes the interconnection of fiber cable systems and optics-to-electronic equipment.


As a quality fiber optic patch cord factory, T&S provides types of custom simplex, duplex, single-mode (SM), and multi-mode (MM) fiber patch cords and fiber pigtail assemblies with various types of fiber connectors including ST, FC, SC, LC, MU, MTRJ, E2000 and so on.      


Our fiber optic cable patch cord and pigtail range offer choices of any length, connector types, and either PVC or LSZH cable jacket, and all cable assemblies are composed of our top quality ceramic ferrules and fiber connectors housings which ensures stable performance at a high-quality level. Except for standard Fiber Patchcord, we supply other types of Patch cord, including Grade B patch cord, IP68 LC/SC patch cord, LC/SC loopback, outdoor Patchcord, etc. for different applications as well.


FAQs of Standard Patch Cord


Pigtail And Patch Cord

If fiber is terminated with a connector at only one end of a cable, it is known as a fiber pigtail; if fiber are terminated with connectors at both ends, it is known as a patch cord or fiber jumper.


Single-mode Patch Cord And Multimode Patch Cord

Single-mode (SM) fiber patch cord uses 9/125um glass fiber, Multimode (MM) fiber patch cord uses 50/125um or 62.5/125um glass fiber. Single-mode and multimode refer to the fiber cable types. Single-mode Fiber Patch Cord used in long-distance data transmission and multimode patch cord uses in short-distance transmission. Basically, single-mode patch cord uses yellow fiber cable, while multi-mode patch cord uses orange, violet or beige cable.


Cable Jacket Material And Cable Diameter

There are various kinds of fiber cable jacket materials (sheath materials) for different environments and applications (harsh environment, ordinary environment, indoors, or outdoors etc.) like, Riser, Plenum, PVC (OFNR, OFNP), LSZH. Typically, fiber cable diameter can be 0.25mm (bare fiber), 0.9mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm.


Simplex And Duplex

Simplex means this Fiber Patch Cord is with one cord, at each end there is only one fiber connector. Duplex can be regarded as two Fiber Patch Cord put side by side. Duplex Fiber Patch Cord usually with Clip on the fiber Connector to combine them.