SWP Ultra High Frequency (6KHz~60KHz)

SWP Ultra High Frequency Induction Heating Machine

SWP is a new generation of induction heating equipment launched by JKZ. The actual working frequency of these ultra high-frequency induction heating machines can reach 6-60khz. With the fully optimized main circuit design, the power of our ultra high-frequency induction heating machine is now fully upgraded to 800kw.


SWP Ultra High Frequency Induction Heating Machine Types










Advantages of SWP Induction Heating Machine

Designed with a new-generation main circuit, the SWP induction heating machine is equipped with JKZ second-generation fully digital control system. It can realize intelligent operation.

The touch screen control interface is upgraded for the whole series, and the personalized function interface and display language can be customized according to customers’ requirements.

Equipped with the core components of major international manufacturers, the output frequency of this induction heating equipment is adaptive according to the induction heating coils, and the output frequency is up to 60KHz. According to the needs of customers, some models are equipped with a double ratio transformer to enhance the application scenarios of the equipment.

The newly constructed condition monitoring system (CMS) has been equipped with a large number of device testing components to detect the main components and various external data so as to ensure the healthy operation of the equipment.

The module monitors various parts of the equipment in real-time and can record the output status of the equipment and real-time temperature records according to customers’ requirements.

Provide multiple modes of external signal modules, which can be equipped with digital communication interfaces such as RS485 to achieve automatic control based on the actual situation of the factory