Offline Inspection Machine for Winding Battery

Seamark’s offline winding battery X-ray inspection machine is suitable for the inspection of various winding process-type batteries in the lithium battery industry. Our industrial X-ray machine suitable for testing lithium digital soft packs, cylinders, buttons, energy storage/power winding, and aluminum shell batteries. Seamark has one model, the XB5100, which is an offline winding battery X-ray inspection machine. This industrial X-ray equipment is almost universal for all kinds of winding batteries. Offline inspection machines are typically used to make random inspections. It adopts a Hamamatsu X-ray tube and advanced FPD, which can help the operator get a good image of the samples and make the correct judgment. XB5100 X-ray inspection machine is widely used in some labs and small battery manufacturing enterprises.


Winding Offline Inspection Machine Types

XB5100-Winding Battery Inspection

Semi Auto Series XB5100, universal model, small size, almost for all kinds of winding battery.


Benefits of Using Seamark’s Offline Winding Battery X-ray Inspection Machine

High Quality

Seamark attaches great importance to product quality and implement full-process quality control and optimization from raw material procurement, manufacturing R&D, and shipping packaging.


Support Customization

All series of industrial X-ray machine for battery inspection support customization and development. Whether it is appearance or software functions, we can meet the personalized requirements of customers.


Professional Service

Professional R&D department and after-sales service engineers group provide you with patient and professional technology support to make sure customers use equipment efficiently and easily.

What Is A Winding Offline Inspection Machine?


Winding Offline Inspection Machine


Offline inspection machine is one type of industrial X-ray equipment that need not connect the whole production line, they can be used individually, and it is widely used in all kinds of manufacturing enterprises. XB5100 X-ray inspection machine is typically small in size but multifunctional, suitable for various kinds of products. Offline machines can be recognized as random inspection machines. Regarding the offline, there are 2 explains: does not connect to the internet and doesn’t connect with the whole production line. Though it is offline, it is widely used in many areas.


FAQs of Winding Offline Inspection Machine

Is the offline inspection process non-destructive for the products?

The X-ray inspection machine is non-destructive for the products.


Is training required to operate the offline inspection machine?

Though the machine is easy to operate, it is still an industrial X-ray machine, so in order to ensure the safety of the operators, the operators need to have some operation training first.