Textile Inspection Service

Textile is made up of textile fiber, classify to woven cloth and knitted cloth.Plush toy,curtain,pillow,etc are derived from textile.


Service Content of Textile Inspection Service

TradeAider will check the products based on common quality standard and customer requests, including but not limited to sampling inspection, graphic evidence, and quality report, and in the meantime keep all the inspection records block-chained and publicly notarized.


Service Process of Textile Inspection Service

On-site Verification and Test of Textile Inspection Service


Inspection Item

Sample Size

Inspection Requirement

On-site Verification if Applicable


Unit weight check(test only when the package has the weight information)

1pc per color

Weight and record the data

Compare the actual data with weight information printed in package

If no tolerance provided, use the tolerance +/-5%


Assemble Test

3pcs per style

Pull out and load the filling per once

·No defects allowed

·Not allow the too loose or too tight

·No loosed stitches or broken stitches after the assemble