Sporting Goods Inspection Service

In essence, outdoor sports are a combination of leisure, tourism, and sports, but It’s not just a sport. Outdoor sports is a kind of leisure lifestyle that separated work and life clearly and it is very fit for the needs of modern people’s healthy lifestyle. Its rise makes people step out of the door, go out the door, out of the modern urban life, to get close to nature, experience the natural way of life, to nature to seek the essential meaning of human existence.


Activities are conducted in a non-competitive sport form and content for the purpose of leisure, with country space (environment) and wilderness space (environment) as the main activity places.


Service Process of Sporting Goods Inspection Service

On-site Verification and Test of Sporting Goods Inspection Service



Inspection Item

Sample Size

Inspection Requirement

On-site Verification if Applicable


Performance and Operability Test

3 sample, at least 1 sample per style

· No defect allowed


Reliability Check

3 sample, at least 1 sample per style, for zipper should use the Level S-3

· No defect allowed

(For products with zippers, lighting, sound or animation)

· Leave the sample in normal use, open and run for 30 minutes or 24 full cycles


· The product shall function normally without any malfunction


· Test each zip, light, sound, or animation feature