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Traumatology – Traumatologist Expert

A Medical Expert specialized in Traumatology analyzes medical actions regarding the medical assessment, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of damage and injuries to the locomotor system . Within which are included:


•          Foot

•          Shoulder

•          Hip

•          Column

•          High performance sport damage

Within the area of Traumatology, there are a large number of subspecialties, since it covers areas as varied as:

•          Surgical trauma

•          Non-surgical trauma

•          Rehabilitation of congenital and acquired diseases

•          Treatment of deformities and functional alterations in the locomotor system, spine and extremities

In such an extensive area, it is important to have the Traumatologist Expert specialized in the litigation area . The Traumatologist specialized in arthroscopic surgery does not have the same experience or knowledge as the specialist in orthopedic expert witness sports medicine, for example. Thus, the main areas in which medical problems may appear in Traumatology are:

•          Delayed or misdiagnosis in injuries

•          Problems in treating meniscus and ligament injuries

•          Patellofemoral disorder

•          Orthopedic spine surgery

•          Problems in physical rehabilitation

•          Errors in the treatment of injuries of elite athletes

To evaluate these and other problems where there may be medical malpractice, our experts in Traumatology can use their experience in closely related areas, such as Rheumatology, Medical Rehabilitation, Neurosurgery , etc. Whose legal claims can give rise to millionaire compensation.

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Traumatology Problems and Negligence

Traumatology Experts can provide their testimony in cases where there are musculoskeletal medical problems. As the procedural area of Traumatology is wide, that of Experts’ action is also broad.

The musculoskeletal injuries are varied , as to the causes of these injuries. Traumatology Experts can analyze injuries from:

•          Car accidents

•          Sports and work injuries

•          Falls and accidents

Treatments for these injuries are varied, from physical therapy to surgery . If there is no improvement of the patient or if it worsens seriously, an Expert must assess the situation and determine the causes and if there may have been negligence.

The accidents in the workplace that result in damage or injury, including disabilities, require Peritos Traumatologists assess the cause and extent of injury , possible treatments and the effects of the damage. If workers’ compensation is not adequate, discrepancies can arise, which are resolved in court.

In car accidents , neck and back injuries can appear that can be difficult to diagnose and treat.

To get compensation from the opposing driver’s insurance company, it will almost certainly be necessary to litigate about the severity and extent of the injuries .

The performance of Trauma Experts can mean the difference between winning or losing your trial and compensation.

Traumatology Experts can be essential in actions involving musculoskeletal injuries . Among those that stand out, insurance claims .

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Expert in Orthopedics (Traumatologist)

A Traumatologist Expert in Orthopedics knows and handles the prostheses used in the medical field in order to straighten, align or heal the patient. These treatments can be temporary or permanent, depending on the case, so the Expert must be aware of all aspects of the problem.

Likewise, Traumatology Experts are familiar with the types of treatment and medical devices used in this field, which can be used for situations such as:

•          Repair a broken bone

•          Correct a misaligned part of the body

•          Replace an amputated limb

•          Help a patient who has suffered a stroke or spinal cord injury

For all this, they are the appropriate specialists who can intervene when situations such as:

•          Prosthesis malfunction

•          Adverse reaction to the brace

•          Lack of informed consent in interventions

•          Unforeseen side effects

•          Medical malpractice in this area

As we can see, the casuistry of problems is wide, so it requires having the orthopedic specialist, suitable in each situation.

In addition, these Medical Experts are familiar with the methodologies and tools of this complicated field.