Unified Network Management System

Unified Network Management System


NM-8000 Unified Network Management System

The NM-8000 is a new generation of network Management system. With browser-sever (B/S) architecture, it is packed with powerful management capability on the network element layer and the network layer.


Highlights of NM-8000

Professional Hardware and Software

Adopts the x86-based server and Linux-based modular design for high operation efficiency.


Wireless Management

Allows to query 3G/4G signal strength, IMSI, and IMEI in real time. Provides 3G/4G traffic statistics and threshold-based alarm notification. Supports UE status report with small protocol overhead and saved radio traffic.


Flexible Configuration

Supports issuing initial configurations to UEs according to their IMSIs. Supports issuing configuration files and configuration items. Supports upgrading a specified device or devices in batch.


High Reliability

Supports distributed deployment, hot standby, and geographic redundancy.


Open Platform

Provides a flexible and open platform to allow enterprises to customize their own network management system.


Specifications of NM-8000



Mean Time Between Failures(MTBF)

6480 hours

Mean Time to Repair(MTTR)

0.5 hours

Alarm Storage Duration

365 days

Alarm Handling Capacity

20 alarms per second, for 5 minutes

Alarm Storage Capacity


Log Storage Duration

180 days

Bandwidth between Browser and Server

> 8 Mbps

System Availability


System Boot Time

<15 minutes

Bandwidth between Server and Device

> 400 Mbps

Alarm Handling Speed

< 5 seconds

Max. Numberof Manageable eNodeBs