Al CITY Solutions


Smart Building Solution

Terminus Group AIoT Smart Office Building Solution is designed to create a pleasant office environment, by using AIoT, cloud computing and computer vision technologies to solve varied problems.


Smart Community Solution

Terminus Group Smart City Solutions enable city IoT perception, city management, community service and other functions, serving as a smart brain and management decision platforms for cities.


Smart Retail Solution

Targeted at malls, smart retail, smart gyms, and smart parking lots, Terminus Group Smart Retail Solution adopts cutting-edge technologies like IoT, computer vision, smart access control endpoints.


Smart Hospital Solution

Terminus Group Smart Hospital Solution offers a TOUCH KEY-centered, patient-oriented, intelligent and digitalized management platform, complemented by smart endpoints.


Smart Campus Solution

Terminus Group Smart Campus Solution is created to ensure maximum safety of campus, improve the utilization of education resources and better manage school assets.


Smart Parking Solution

Smart Parking Solution is designed to enable real “unmanned” management of parking lots with highly integrated AI-enabled plate recognition and vehicle management system.


Smart Environment Solution

This integrated system provides comprehensive management for cities, including device measurement and analysis, processing, storage, submission.


Smart Tourism Solution

Terminus Group Smart Tourism Solution not only improves tourist experiences, but also makes the resort management smarter, more efficient and more automated.