Untargeted Metabolomics

The LC-MS untargeted metabolomics is used for unbiased detection of metabolites in samples by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry and to obtain their qualitative and quantitative information.


Technology Introduction

The main application is for comparing the case group with the control group to find the metabolites and metabolic pathways that show significant differences between groups, which can provide clues and directions for the research in biomarker development, disease pathogenesis, and drug treatment mechanisms.


Technical Features of Untargeted Metabolomics Service

Large Curated Database

Collected ultra-high sensitinity data of over 280,000 metabolites. Each sample can typically identify 1500-3000 metabolites.


Comprehensive Identification Strategy

A comprehensive identification of metabolites was performed using four qualitative methods:


Matching to in-house standard database;


Matching to integrated public database;


Matching to AI database;


Identify using the metDNA algorithm.


Rigorous Quality Control

A mature quality control system monitoring all aspects of experimentation from sample preparetion to data collection.