Metabolomics Offers Solutions For You

Metabolomics is widely applicable across different industries from agriculture to medicine. Understanding the chemical profile from various samples will help resolve what is currently happening and what is being observed. Metware Biotechnology has built its processes to handle different types of samples that can help industries with their metabolomics experiments.


Agriculture & Breeding

Yield and nutrition is important in agriculture, thus understand nutritional value and agronomic traits directly through metabolomics is a critical component in agricultural breeding.



Gut microbiome is considered a host’s second genome and the metabolism of gut microbiota is important for the host’s defense against pathogens, nutrient breakdown and uptake, and neuronal signaling. Study the metabolic interactions between host and microbiome through metabolomics.



Metabolism is an essential component to understand the complexity of cancer and human diseases. Many metabolites from body fluids can be use for diagnosis and instruct proper medication or therapy. Metabolomics is the best technology providing these insights.


Infectious Diseases

Infectious diseases can happen quickly. The 2019 global pandemic of COVID-19 showed that multi-omics examination and rapid pharmaceutical development are needed to combat infectious diseases.


Metabolic Disorders

Human diseases, from chronic pain to acute infectious diseases, often have metabolic readouts that indicate the state of the disease. Metabolomics has been applied to metabolic disorders such as diabetes and obesity to infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and COVID-19.