TM Widely-Targeted Metabolomics

TM Widely-targeted metabolomics is the ‘Untargeted metabolomics + Targeted Metabolomics’ process that achieves the perfect combination of high resolution, wide-coverage, high sensitivity, and precise quantification. It is a great starting point to examine the global metabolite profile. Metware’s curated database of 280,000 metabolites, which includes 3000 metabolites not found in public databases, allows more annotations from high-resolution mass spec data.


Technology Introduction

“TM” Widely-Targeted Metabolomics combines Untargeted metabolomics and Targeted metabolomics to achieve the perfect combination of high-resolution, wide-coverage, high-sensitivity, and precise quantification. Metware’s patented Widely-Targeted Metabolomics technology stands out from many others with features such as:


Using high-resolution mass spectrometers to allow the unbiased collection of MS/MS spectrum data;


Highly curated metabolomics database with over 7000+ in-house metabolite database providing more metabolite annotation;


Using MRM analysis from QQQ to accurately quantify metabolites in each sample.


List of Metabolites

Our curated database contains over 280,000 metabolites. Our in-house standard database has over 3,000 metabolites. The integrated public database has over 150,000 metabolites, and the AI predictive structural database has over 130,000 metabolites. The integrated public databases include KEGG, HMDB, Metlin, Mass Bank, Lipid Search, and other commonly used databases.