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vertiv Liebert GXE 1kva tower type ups

vertiv Liebert GXE 1kva tower type ups

Product Description

Vertiv Liebert series UPS is a new generation of tower, single input, single output, online high-performance UPS product developed and produced based on the application dynamics of AC uninterruptible power supplies in the IT industry, using a new topology. By highlighting performance and environmental protection characteristics, it meets the latest application of IT equipment in small and medium-sized computer rooms, comprehensively improving the commercial competitiveness of small power tower UPS.


Breakthrough ultra compact design: 30%~70% smaller in volume than similar products

Large screen LCD display for more direct and convenient settings

The input voltage is 120~288V, and the output is not derated, greatly reducing the probability of switching to the battery, improving the battery (1-3KVA)

Ultra strong overload capacity: 130% can withstand 10 minutes and 150% can withstand 1 minute under mains power rating, meeting the customer’s sudden load requirements (1-3KVA)

8A long machine charging capacity, with settable charging capacity, meets the requirements of fast recharging of long delay batteries, and improves battery life (1-3KVA)

Excellent environmental protection and energy saving characteristics, with an efficiency of 3-4 percentage points higher than that of equivalent products. A full load of 1K can save nearly one degree of power per day.

Our KELINGYIZHI UPS products are designed to deliver superior performance and reliability. They come in various capacities and configurations to meet the power requirements of different devices, from small home electronics to large data centers.