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Traditionally, global trade is done through trade agents. However, in this fast-changing digital world, things are getting more and more direct and transparent. Both buyers and suppliers prefer doing business directly without a middleman. Buyers like the prices from factories as they are 20% to 25% lower than agencies. However, in the meantime, buyers worry very much about the product quality without assurance from third-party quality control companies.


This quality control problem is now satisfactorily solved through TradeAider’s WeGuarantee Service. This quality control service only charges 3% to 5% of the order amount. The product quality will then be controlled and GUARANTEED. If not, TradeAider will compensate the buyer’s quality losses jointly with the factories, instead of walking away like a traditional irresponsible 3rd party quality control agency.


Industry Coverage of WeGuarantee Quality Control Service

Apparel Quality Guarantee Service

Textile Quality Guarantee Service

Accessories Quality Guarantee Service


Why WeGuarantee Service?


We have arranged a team consisting of over 70,000 professional Quality Control Specialists throughout China (located near the manufacturers) ready to supervise your orders and the quality of the products during the entire production process. One of the most important principles of TradeAider’s WeGuarantee quality assurance services is not having to pay for a quality claim, but preventing a quality issue from ever occurring. Only TradeAider has this innovative system in place with professional and affordable QC Specialists across China to ensure your orders, which distinguishes TradeAider from a traditional quality control service provider.



Unlike a traditional inspection agency, TradeAider has a strong team of highly experienced merchandisers liaising with the buyers, manufacturers and TradeAider Quality Control Specialists through the entire production process to ensure the quality of goods.



The smart order control system on our innovative WeGuarantee App is accessible for the buyer, manufacturer, TradeAider’s quality control agent team and merchandisers to work together to control the orders in a smarter, efficient, timely and completely transparent way, ensuring the entire production process be monitored interactively DAILY, not through numerous emails that get missed and go unanswered. Any production issues that arise can be solved in a timely manner by all parties involved using our easy-to-use, informative WeGuarantee App.


WeGuarantee App for Quality Control Service

TradeAider combines digital tools with traditional third-party quality control services to effectively increase the transparency in the process. Where all the order details are displayed and summarized by TradeAider merchandisers, the production plan is made and confirmed jointly by the manufacturers, the TradeAider merchandisers, and finally the buyers.


All the actual production situation of the factories are tracked, inspected and reported by TradeAider QCs onsite the factories and updated daily on the WeGuarantee App by TradeAider merchandisers, and the samples in different stage are displayed in 3D style by the fitting models for the buyers to review, comment and approve online the App, saving huge time of the differents samples being sent by courier backwards and forwards between buyers and the factories.


The entire production process can easily be monitored by the buyers through just a quick glance at the App and confirmed by a single click on the App, wherever and whenever. This is especially useful at this post-pandemic time when everybody’s movements is restricted.


The buyers, the manufacturers and the TradeAider merchandisers work together on the App in an extremely effective, precise, smart and transparent way, ensuring that the orders are being produced soundly and no quality problem will be occuring.


With the help of the WeGuarantee App, all the works the buyers’ merchandisers, designers and QAs need to do everyday is just to follow the simple and precise instructions given on the Work Table of the App, putting Yes or No to the requests listed by TradeAider’s merchandisers, and all the follow-up works will be done jointly by TradeAider merchandisers, QCs and the manufacturers. Therefore the workload of the buyers is greatly reduced and the overhead cost be saved a lot.


We are pleased that this smart WeGuarantee App can be created and utilized thanks to the founder’s 30-year profound experience of trade and manufacturing experience in the global apparel & textile industry, as well as our professional QC team in apparel quality management and strong IT team.


FAQs of WeGuarantee: Quality Guarantee Service

What is the difference between traditional third parties and TradeAider’s WeGuarantee Service?

What is the difference between traditional third parties and TradeAider’s WeGuarantee Service?

Traditional third-party or quality control management company is strong in testing and certification. However, they do not guarantee the quality of products. They do quality inspection mostly when production is finished, which is too late to fix issues to maintain on-time delivery. Whereas TradeAider takes complete control of the production to see through all aspects from the beginning to the end, to GUARANTEE the quality of the finished products.


Traditional third parties provide inspection services requested by the buyers mostly at END of production, however just a simple report is provided saying “Pass” or “Fail” when goods are finished. Whereas TradeAider’s WeGuarantee third-party quality assurance service is a process-control-oriented service, finding and solving the problems timely throughout the entire production period. The most valuable solution is to prevent the problems from occurring and ensure the quality is good before the QC inspection, which is what the buyers need.


Traditional third parties do not bear any responsibility for the reports they issued. Whereas WeGuarantee bears the responsibility if the quality is not as per the buyer’s specifications.


If I find a manufacturer by myself, not through the database of manufacturers on TradeAider’s website, can I still use TradeAider’s WeGuarantee Service?

What will be the service charge of WeGuarantee Program?

How do I pay for the WeGuarantee service?

What if I do not like how the process is going, will I be able to cancel the WeGuarantee service during the order?