What to look for in a bike lock?

Key: There are various types of keys, but all work a lock mechanism by moving pins or discs into alignment to allow the lock plug to be turned and open the lock

Shackle: We know the shackle as the D-shaped part of a D-lock/U-lock or padlock. It shackles two things together.

Links: Chains are made up of links; hoops joined together. The smaller the internal diameter of the links the better, as this gives less space for a lever that can be used to break the link to be inserted

Protection: Nobody wants a bare metal lock clattering against their frame. A cloth or sponge cover is handy to keep your pride and joy looking nice and to prevent the lock from corroding

Lock barrel: Manufacturers will centre the lock mechanism in the centre of the barrel. Check the weight of the barrel because if it’s heavy that’s a sure sign it’s armoured

Multiple keys: Multiple keys are essential. Keep one at home, one at work and one on your keyring

Maintenance: Check the action of the mechanism because locks spend most of their lives outdoors, so corrosion can be a problem