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The wind tower trailer is a telescopic boom low bed trailer specially used to transport wind towers. The wind tower can be placed on the platform through the extendable boom to facilitate long-distance transportation. Compared with traditional transportation, the wind tower trailer has the advantages of fast speed and high stability.


The axle is specially designed, which effectively reduces the ground clearance of the trailer platform. The increased carrying capacity of the wind tower trailer can load objects with a larger diameter, especially through wind power transportation. Wind tower transportation is an ideal transportation tool suitable for transporting wind tower and large-diameter goods. The wind tower trailer can be made into telescopic type and clap type according to customer requirements, so as to adapt to mega diameter objects.




Convenient detection and operation: parts and instruments requiring frequent inspection, maintenance, adjustment, cleaning, lubrication, and testing shall be arranged inaccessible positions. Lubricating fluid: the lubricating fluid (grease) and other adding ports are arranged at a position convenient for one person to operate.


Parts and components: standard parts and components are preferred. Vulnerable parts, electrical components, and valves are common to an ordinary semi trailer, so as to improve the universality of parts and assemblies between series products and improve the interchangeability of parts and components.


The trailer is equipped with various indicator lights and alarm functions, which can effectively guide the user to carry out maintenance operations and troubleshooting and for transporting wind turbine towers. A lifting point is set on the trailer side body, and the lifting lug on the trailer is welded on the frame, which is convenient for lifting.


The operation manual has specific operation methods and precautions for maintenance items. All oil filter elements, diesel filter elements, and hydraulic filter elements are specified with model and maintenance cycle requirements. The grades of fuel, hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, and coolant used are clearly specified.


General tools and special tools are provided to enable maintenance personnel to operate safely and conveniently. The Axle shaft head and shaft headcover are equipped with special sleeves.