Interactive Smart Meeting Screen

The all-in-one interactive kiosk has high configuration performance and can be configured arbitrarily. The base includes “K” type base and “S” type base, and the touch includes infrared touch and capacitive touch(20-point omnidirectional touch), responsive and fast, and quickly grab the content you want. The all-in-one interactive kiosk occupies less space and has a high degree of integration. It also has a host, Bluetooth, WIFI, and graphics card.


Product Parameter of Interactive Smart Meeting Screen


What’s the Application for Interactive Screens?


Interactive touch screen just like a computer,it can download any software you want,and also can change the shapes by your needs,like wall mounted,floor-standing or base mount.No matter meetings or navigation,it all can have a great user experience.So many clients will use it in shopping mall for store navigation,or used as an inquiry machine in some government office halls, and can be used together with devices such as printers or touch pens.