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The advantage of 3D painted doors, which uses 3D painting over the traditional texturing methods, is you can see how the texture looks on your model in real-time




Why Choose 3D Painted Door?

The raw material of 3D painted door is very good, because it is necessary to spray paint, so it has a higher standard in the selection of raw materials, the material is not easy to deform, the quality of spray paint on the surface is good, even if it is used for a long time, it will not fade.


The surface of 3D paint door combines different colors, which can form the ideal 3D effect image that customers want. compared with the general monochrome paint door, it can show richer colors and perfectly make up for the shortcomings of monochrome paint.


Holike provides you with a variety of 3D printing patterns, giving you the opportunity to freely choose 3D painting doors of different colors and patterns, which are very suitable for specific occasions, which can be painted with specific patterns.


Advantages  of 3D painting door

Painting the door in an eye-catching color is not the only way to make it popular. Just like your walls, most interior doors can be wallpapered. This is not only a quick and simple way to dress up plain doors, but also a frugal way to create amazing visual effects and, in some cases, any illusion from bronzes to wide views. For example, 3D painting door is used on the door to present the images of big trees, starry sky, wide beaches and mountains, so that you can experience the desired visual effects and relax at home.


3D painted door technology

In addition to 3D paint spraying, you can also use fast, waterproof, high-brightness environmentally friendly printing 3D paint doors. After installation, the door has no smell of paint and materials, and is suitable for living, sleeping, children’s rooms and all interior decoration, as shown in our product drawings. And the accompanying special paste and installation instructions will provide you with the best results. Just peel off and paste the door sticker, you can easily decorate your home and create new visual effects. Apply the paste to the wallpaper parts, then stick to the dry wall and flatten it. This 3D painted door is ideal for dry, clean and smooth surfaces of doors, walls, windows, tiles or mirrors.


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