JimaFor Quality Control

JimaFor Testing Center of Excellence is a national comprehensive testing platform with third-party testing qualification, which has the ability to detect metal materials in terms of composition spectrum analysis, gas content, mechanical properties, metallographic structure, etc., and has passed the CNAS laboratory certification.


JimaFor relies on its own technical advantages, starting from making materials, and making its own high-quality aluminum alloy forgings. From the beginning of material smelting, material composition, microstructure, performance, material deformation process, forging streamline, forging heat treatment, metallographic structure, forging surface and appearance, forging thermal stability, etc., to fully control the quality of forgings.


The quality control facilities (equipments, instruments and talents) are available, including: 3 ways measures, metallographic examination, intensity testing, material composition testing, measure inspection, etc. The academic research base has been founded in cooperating with universities and the practical training station has been setup for graduate students.