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Neodymium Disc Magnets

Tengye magnets provides powerful rare earth neodymium magnets for sale at good wholesale prices.


Rare Earth Neodymium disc magnets are among the most powerful permanent magnets. A disc magnet can be as small as the tip of your finger or as massive as several kilos. Disc magnets are available in a variety of sizes and strengths. To stop corrosion and damage, they are frequently covered in a coating of protection made of nickel or another material.


Our disc magnets for sale are appropriate for several commercial and industrial applications as well as design, advertising, engineering, manufacturing, printing, film, science, construction, audio, and sensor applications.


We provide a wide range of sizes, forms, and grades of neodymium disc magnets, often known as rare earth disk, round, or circular magnets. They are your best option if you need a multi-rose magnet with the strongest magnetic field.


If you reauire any advice regarding our rare earth neodymium disc magnet, please contact our sales team by tel: +86-13675779918; email: [email protected] or send inquiry on website.