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Additive Manufacturing Machine in Healthcare


In modern medicine, more artificial prosthesis, such as bone joint, bone repair and heart valve, are implanted into the human body to replace the damaged parts. But everyone is unique. Therefore, it is necessary for each patient to fit the most suitable implant for their physical condition. Additive Manufacturing can fully meet this demand. It has the characteristics of low cost, flexible design and short manufacturing time, so that doctors can directly model using the 3D scanning data of patients before surgery, and make the digital model completely match the affected area to produce the most suitable implant for patients. It is also possible to create a fully simulated replica of the affected part before the operation, so as to be familiar with the whole process of the operation in advance. The application of AM in the medical field means that even if all products are manufactured separately, there will be no additional cost, and the manufacturing time is the same as that of batch manufacturing.


EPLUS 3D Materials for Healthcare Applications

Eplus 3D provides a wide range of suitable materials for the medical industry which meet the stringent requirements.