• $1400

All-in-One Solar Street Light

All-In-One Solar Led Street Light, as the name implies, it is to integrate the solar panels, battery, controller and lighting source into one lamp body. As all parts of the all in one integrated solar street light are in one body, making the installation quick and easy, avoiding failures caused by installation misoperations.




As one of the top solar equipment manufacturers, we have different types of solar modules for sale. However, due to integration, there will be size limitation to the solar panel and battery, so the capacities will be relatively small. However, the prices are also more affordable. Sunworth solar energy is a professional all in one solar street light supplier. Come and buy all in one solar street light!


Characteristic Of Sunworth All-In-One Solar Street Light

The led solar integrated lamp, as a kind of solar powered street lamp, adopts the latest control technology which intelligently distribute energy, effectively extend the lighting time on continuous rainy days, and make the lights more energy-saving.


The overall heat dissipation and special heat exchange design of the lamp shell improve product efficiency and extend product life.


The all in one portable solar power system is with optical lens, batwing light distribution design, higher light transmittance, more uniform brightness, and wider illumination range.


Super bright high-power LED light source, high brightness, long working life, stable and durable.


Application Of Sunworth All-In-One Solar Street Light

To light up streets, roads, community yards, etc. The all-in-one solar lights are good looking and suitable for places which has an aesthetic request, but relatively don’t need that much light.