Aloe Vera Grow Light


Aloe Vera is a relatively good plant to feed. Its growth characteristics can be summarized as follows: likes moisture, but avoid stagnant water; likes sunlight, but fears the hot sun; resistant to high temperatures and afraid of severe cold. In other words, it is actually a very simple matter to control the moisture, temperature, and light.


Among them, the most difficult thing to control is sunlight. Plants grown at home cannot be looked after by someone, but if there is insufficient sunlight, the aloe will slowly wither from the tip of the leaf. So Aloe Vera Grow Light provide continuing and supportable light to aloe is necessary.


Aloe Vera Grow Light

The uniform illumination of S1200 Series growing light and the customized red and blue spectrum required for plant photosynthesis perfectly compensate for the defects of aloe under natural light, and at the same time solve the problems of high energy consumption and low light efficiency of traditional plant lights. S1200 Series growing light, regularly fill up light, allowing aloe to live the seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter safely.


How Much Light Do Aloe Vera Plants Need?

Aloe vera likes light very much. If the aloe vera is not exposed to the sun for a long time, the aloe is easy to suspend growing. Keep enough light, aloe can grow exuberant and strong, and the leaves will become very green. Aloe with sufficient light will also be easier to bloom. Maintaining direct light for about 6 hours a day is more suitable for the growth of aloe vera.


Can Aloe Grow With Artificial Light?


Grow Light For Aloe VeraGrow Light For Aloe Vera Plant


Aloe can grow well in artificial light environment. They are more suitable to get several hours of direct sunlight from the east or south windows every day and can receive bright indirect light (scattered light) from artificial plant light during the rest of the day. If your Aloe Vera usually receives artificial light instead of sunlight, move the position of the flowerpot to increase the distance between the artificial light source and the flowerpot.


What Type Of Grow Light Is Best For Aloe Vera Plants?


Aloe Vera is a luminous plant, it generally grows upright, the branches are relatively thick, and the leaves are lanceolate, suitable for growing in places with scattered light. When the winter is relatively cold, the Aloe Vera can be moved from the balcony to the room to provide it with a suitable temperature. At the same time, the LED plant spotlights are used to regularly supplement the light, so that the aloe can be safe in cold weather.