Cactus Growing Light

The cactus growing light is an artificial electrical light source, which is designed to promote cactus growth by emitting an electromagnetic spectrum suitable for cactus. Cactus growing lights are used in applications when natural light is insufficient and supplemental light is needed. For example: in winter, when the possible daylight time may not be enough to achieve the cactus growth, cactus growing lights are used to extend the time the plants receive light.


Cactus Growing Light

S780+ Grow Lights adopts LED lamp beads for plant lighting and has two light supplement methods: light formula and full spectrum. Meet the environment where plants need red and blue wavelengths when growing. Compared with other ordinary lighting equipment, the S780+ Grow Lights has a gentler light line and will not scorch the seedling plants. Compared with other plant lighting, it can save 10%~20% of the electricity bill. Blue light can promote plants to grow taller, red light can make plants bloom and bear flower.


Do Cactus Need Light?

Cactus is not afraid of sunlight. Cactus needs to bask in the sun during its growth period. It is a plant that likes sunlight and has certain requirements for light. It is recommended to keep it in a well-lit position. If there is too little light during its growth period, or the exposure time is too short, the cactus will appear elongated, and its stems and leaves will also be very thin and look very devoid of energy.


Can Cactus Live With Artificial Light?


Cactus Led Grow LightCactus Grow Light


Cactus can live and carry out photosynthesis with artificial light. As long as the artificial light contains red-yellow light and blue-violet light components, the general light will contain these two components. But the effect will be better for the artificial light contains certain ultraviolet components, which can inhibit the cactus growing crazy longer.


How Much Light Do Cactus Need?


Everyone knows that cactus is a common plant in the desert, so it is not afraid of the sun. Cactus is a positive plant and likes plenty of sunlight. Not only does it need to be exposed to the sun once a day, it is best to put it in the sun to cultivate, and do not keep it in the sun for a long time. Do not leave it in a cool place indoors, otherwise, the color will turn black. However, in the summer the sun is too strong, to avoid direct sunlight, proper shading should be provided.