LED Backpack Display

Daily commuting from work, and class, especially at night, do not let yourself be in a dark-state; Photographic equipment and other items are afraid of water and dust, A waterproof and dustproof backpack with a warning function is a good choice; Take it to activities, concerts and birthday parties, You are the most exemplary atmosphere group; Effectively wake up the driver of the rear vehicle and prevent himself from being in a blind spot.


How Are LED Backpack Displays Powered?

LED backpack displays are powered by a combination of a battery pack and a control system. The battery pack provides the necessary power for the LEDs to light up, while the control system manages the display of images or text.


The battery pack is usually rechargeable and can last for several hours, depending on the size and number of LEDs used in the display. Some backpack displays also come with additional power options, such as AC adapters or USB cords, which can be used to power the display directly or recharge the battery pack as needed.


The control system for LED backpack displays can be either an external device or an integrated system within the backpack itself. The control system manages the display of images or messages on the LEDs, allowing the user to change the display as desired. Some backpack displays even come with pre-set animations or images to choose from, while others allow for custom images or text to be uploaded using software or apps.


Overall, LED backpack displays provide a fun and unique way to express oneself or promote a brand or product, powered by a reliable and user-friendly combination of battery and control system.


LED Backpack Display Advantages

Portable and light

Powered by a portable charger, communicates by Bluetooth, and programmable software, make the portable display is full of personality, to attract more attention.


Personal advertisement, save investment

Let persons take the backpack and walk around, post their own ads by mobile APP, no more paper leaflets, save money but more gains.