LED Transparent Rear Window Display

The transparent screen of the rear window is not only beautiful but also has complete functions. It has the characteristics of wide distribution, high information transmission rate, and is not limited by time and space. It has become a new media for advertising information dissemination. It not only provides passengers with a higher level of service, but also brings great benefits to operators. It is a shared high-tech product with great investment value.


LED Rear Window Display Advantages

Transparency and High brightness

The high transparency will not block out light or view on both the interior and exterior sides. It will not affect the driver’s observation of the traffic behind the car.


With the high brightness up to 5000nits. The contents shown on the transparent LED screen are able to be vivid even under strong sunlight. Screen use will no longer be limited to weather conditions.


Lower Power Consumption

The energy-saving driven IC is integrated to achieve lower power consumption.


The transparent car back window LED display is connected to the car battery to work. Energy-saving circuit design will not shorten the life span of car batteries.


Multiple Control Method

Easily controlled via Mobile APP, to push new content timely.


Monitoring car location, get its track, sending program through wireless remote control by cloud platform software.


Also support update content by laptop or USB.


How Is the Rear LED Car Window Display Powered?

The rear LED car window displays are powered by the car’s electrical system, with a 12V DC or 24V DC supply. Most rear window displays come with a cable that connects to the car’s accessory socket or cigarette lighter port, which can power the LED display directly.


In some cases, an inverter can be used to increase the voltage from a 12V DC to a 110V AC power supply, allowing for more power output. A transformer is often required to convert the AC voltage into DC voltage, which is clean and stable.


In some cases, a separate battery can also be used to power the LED display, ideal for those who travel long distances or do not have an accessible power source in the vehicle. The battery can be charged through an available power source or using solar-powered chargers, making it ideal for eco-friendly users.


Overall, the power source for rear LED car window displays usually comes from the car’s electrical system, ensuring a reliable power supply for optimal performance.