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Collagen Products For Joints

SEMIX Collagen is an important component of human bones, especially cartilage tissue. Collagen is like a net full of small holes in the bones, it will firmly retain the calcium that is about to be lost. Without this net full of small holes, even if it is supplemented with excessive calcium, it will be lost in vain.


SEMIX Collagen Products For Bone & Knees


The characteristic amino acid hydroxyproline of collagen is a tool for transporting calcium from plasma to bone cells. The bone collagen in bone cells is the binder of hydroxyapatite, and together with hydroxyapatite, it forms the main body of the bone. The essence of osteoporosis is that the speed of synthesizing bone collagen cannot keep up with the need. In other words, the production speed of new bone collagen is lower than the speed of old bone collagen mutation or aging. Studies have shown that if collagen is lacking, no amount of calcium supplementation can prevent osteoporosis. Therefore, only by taking in enough collagen that can be combined with calcium can calcium be digested and absorbed faster in the body and can be more effective. It quickly reaches the bones and deposits.