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PTM-120T Chip Module Initialization and Testing Machine

PTM-120B can be integrated short-circuit punching,open and short test,chip initialization & pre-personalization as well as reject chip punching and marking.The brand-new design enables operators to switch chips production between 6PIN and 8PIN within 60 seconds. Modular design can meet your different production requirements and maximize decreasing your investment cost.


PTM-120B can be applied to contact/contactless and dual interface chip initialization,and also can be customized according to the demands for various chip production.


Specifications of PTM-120T Chip Module Initialization and Testing Machine





4750mm×840mm×1960mm(including broken reinforcement units);3800mm×840mm×1960mm(excluding broken reinforcement units)


800kg (including broken reinforcement units);650kg (excluding broken reinforcement units)

Power Supply

220V (-5%~+10%) 50Hz 4KW (including broken reinforcement unit);220V (-5%~+10%) 50Hz 2KW (excluding broken reinforcement units)

Air Supply

No air source required



Operation Temperature

Room temperature: 23℃±3℃

Operation Humidity


Maximum Throughput

60,000 UPH (including broken reinforcement units);120,000UPH (6PIN, excluding broken reinforcement unit)

Short-circuit Punching Throughput

Maximum production capacity 60000 UPH (14 pieces per round)

Chip Module Specification

M2, M3

Communication Interface



Functions of PTM-120T Chip Module Initialization and Testing Machine



Discharge Unit

The position adjustment of the active and driven material trays is convenient and can adapt to different incoming directions; Compatible with 12.6MM and 38MM shaft diameter material trays.


Main Writing/testing Unit

Compatible with 6PIN and 8PN chip production; Supports up to 120 contact test heads and 12 non-contact test heads simultaneously for electrical performance testing and data writing of contact, non-contact, or dual interface modules; Alternatively, 60 contact test heads and 60 non-contact test heads can be configured according to customer requirements. This unit can work independently.


Supplementary Writing/testing Unit

Configure 2 sets of contact test heads or 3 sets of non-contact test heads to automatically write/test failed chips, minimizing waste.


Gun Waste Unit

The identification of punch holes for chips that have failed to write or test can be flexibly set through software without the need for manual adjustment, greatly improving the accuracy and production efficiency of punch holes; This unit can work independently.


Material Receiving Unit

Roll up the written and tested strips and wrap them with protective tape; This unit can work independently.


Broken Reinforcement Unit (Optional)

Capable of cutting the connecting ribs of chip strips; By changing the mold, it is easy to cut different specifications of chip strips; This unit can work independently.


Advantage of PTM-120T Chip Module Initialization and Testing Machine



Unique patented technology

1. The equipment is compatible with 6pin and 8pin module strip production.


2. Unique patented technology for fast switching of chip types: It can quickly switch between 6pin and 8pin production tasks within 60s without removing and inserting cables.


120 Heads ensure high throughput

Max.throughput 100,000cph for 6PIN chip;


Max.throughput 77,000cph for 8PIN chip.


High-performance reader

The top Chinese industrial-class reader developed by Piotec with open/short test function is stable and high cost-effective.


Visual inspection

Independent side hole visual detection module can carry out high-speed and high-precision real-time detection of side holes and waste holes to ensure the accuracy and precision of side hole detection.


The flexible testing scheme is suitable for different IC module applications.


Reject chip punching module

Independent punching mechanism can accurately set the punching position of double row chip through parameters (XY direction can be used), without adjusting the position of mechanical structure, high precision and good punching consistency.


Unrestricted workplace

Free of production site due to electric driving design without external air supply.


Electrical performance parameters testing items

Open-short test for pins (positive and negative current is adjustable).


Leakage current test supported.


Static current test supported.


FVMI and FIMV (V=f(I), I=f(V)) supported.


Pin voltage value of Vih and Vil is Adjustable.