Control PCBA Board

As a Chinese PCBA company that produces control PCBA boards, HX Technology provides high-quality control PCBA board services. It is used in computers and related products, communication products, and consumer electronics, and other 3C products. How to let our customers get the best service experience? HX Technology’s answer is to provide customers with high-precision, high-quality fast PCBA boards through the cooperation of experienced, senior, and rigorous team members.




Features of SMT PCBA

Our SMT Fast PCBA can be used for power supply, signal transmission, heat dissipation, and provide structure.


Able to withstand the temperature and time of curing and soldering.


Flatness meets the requirements of the manufacturing process.


Fast PCBA is suitable for rework work.


Suitable for the substrate manufacturing process.


Low dielectric number and high resistance.


What is main PCBA?

Main PCBA can be understood as the finished circuit board, that is, after all the processes of the circuit board are completed, which can be considered Main PCBA. Due to the continuous miniaturization and refinement of electronic products, most of the current PCB power boards are used to attach etching resist (pressure film or coating), after the exposure of the development, and then etching to make the printed circuit board.


In the past, the PCBA technology knowledge of cleaning is not enough, because the PCBA assembly density is not high. There is also the belief that flux residue is non-conductive, benign, which will not affect the electrical performance.