What is PCBA Test

PCBA Test is electrical conductivity and input/output value-based test of PCBA boards with electronic components mounted on them.




Significance of PCBA testing

In the design of PCB circuit boards, there are numerical relationships between different test points such as voltage and current. But the PCBA production and processing process is very complex, including the PCB board process, component procurement and inspection, SMT assembly, DIP plug-in, PCBA test, and other important processes, in the production and processing process, maybe due to equipment or improper operation of various problems, so you need to use professional testing equipment or manual operation of the multimeter way to test the test points, in order to verify whether the actual PCBA board meets the design custom PCB requirements. In order to verify whether the actual PCBA board meets the design requirements, to ensure that each product will not have quality problems.


PCBA testing is the key step to ensure the quality of product delivery. FCT test fixtures are made according to the test points, procedures, and test steps designed by customers, and then PCBA boards are placed on FCT test racks to complete testing.




PCBA test principle

The MCU PCB board programming will capture the user’s input action (e.g. long press on the switch for 3 seconds) and control the on/off of the adjacent circuits (e.g. LED flashing) or drive the motor rotation after calculation. By observing the voltage and current values between the test points on the FCT test rack, and verifying whether these input and output actions match the design, the test of the whole PCBA board is completed.




Purpose of PCBA Check

Improve the product qualification rate.


PCBA Check is a part of the whole production process of pcba processing, and is an important means to control product quality. With the improvement of product qualification rate, the throughput rate of the product will be significantly increased.




PCBA Check Conditions

To prevent parts from contamination, you must choose EOS/ESD fully protective gloves or finger gloves, and wear static rings. The light source is white or fluorescent light; the light intensity must be above 100 lux and can be clearly analyzed and visible within 10 seconds.


PCBA check method: Place the product about 40 cm from the eyes, about 45 degrees up and down, and inspect with visual inspection or triple magnification.


PCBA check standard: Tested according to QS9000 standard.


Sampling scheme: Single sampling according to MIL-STD-105E Class II standard type.


Criteria for determining the inspection: Seriously present defects (CR) AQL 0%.


A major defect: (MA) AQL 0.4%.


A minor defect: (MI) AQL 0.65%.