High Traffic Hand Dryers


HOTEC high traffic hand dryers lead in sanitation and efficiency. They have the ability to dry hands comfortably in around 10 seconds.  They’re exceptionally popular within airports, restaurants,  and public washrooms as they can meet busy and demanding environments where hygiene and speed is required.The touchless hand dryer operation ensures a clean and comfortable user experience.


Advantages of Hotec High Traffic Hand Dryers      


01HygienicFeatures HEPA filtration, antimicrobial technologies, and touchless operation for a confident hand drying expericence.



Thanks to our innovative drying system and powerful engines, HOTEC hand dryers give the desired result in a very short drying time.



It basically consists of emptying the water tank and cleaning the HEPA filters whenever necessary. Disconnect power supply, clean the casing just use a damp cloth, quickly and easily.