CPU Industrial PC

Emdoor Info’s industrial pc products are supported by different CPUs. Currently we show two types of the products, including EM-PPC15R and EM-PPC15S</p><p>If you are interested in Emdoor Info industrial pc products, please fill in the form belw to cotact us, we will send you detailed information.


Types of Industrial PC by CPU

Android Industrial Panel PC EM-PPC15R

Windows Industrial Panel PC EM-PPC15S PRO


Features of CPU Industrial PC


Fanless Operation

Special fanless operation design, noise reduction, and small size.


Multiple Connection Methods

Different Industrial pcs have multiple interfaces to realize multiple functions.


Different CPU Choice

Different Industrial pcs have different CPUs with different operation experiences.


FAQ of CPU Industrial PC

What Are The Development Direction Of CPU?

What Are The Application Of Industrial Desktop Computer In Industry?