Customized Rugged PC

Emdoor Info can provide our customers with all kinds of Customized Rugged PC, according to your special requirements.We have a large number of successful cases as follows, and hope these cases can help you.


Customized Services


Types of Customized Rugged PC

Acer is ENDURO Series

Little more Innovation Education Machine

OZNER Drinking Water Purification

Telemedicine Platform


Features of Customized Rugged PC

Solid Foundation 

Emdoor Info’s industry computer OEM has a complete range of equipment, a variety of choices and different product types.


Custom service according to customer’s needs

Such as, hardware/software functions increase or decrease, brand customization service: OEM/ODM neutral machine can be shipped or customized customer logo can be shipped.


One-to-one pre-sale and after-sales exclusive service

Exclusive consultation: Emdoor Info has deployed a professional customized business team, which can be transferred through the official website for customized consultation.


FAQs of Customized Rugged PC

What customized services can Emdoor Information provide?

What is the process of customized service?

What customized services can Emdoor Information provide?(TWO)