Windows10 Rugged Notebook

The rugged notebook of the window10 system has a continuous update function to ensure that the operating system is always maintained at the latest version. With the most application compatibility, Windows 10 is compatible with most software on the market and is 99% compatible with the applications used in Windows 7 in the past.Our rugged notebooks are available in various versions of window 10 home/pro/IOT/enterprise/S mode, which can meet the needs of all industries.


Types of Windows10 Rugged Notebook

NEW LAUNCH 13.3” Intel: EM-X33 Fully Rugged Laptop

12” Intel: EM-I22K Barcode Scanners Notebook

14” Intel: EM-X14U Dual battery Notebook

15” Intel: EM-X15U Multi-interface Rugged Laptop

12” Intel: EM-I22K (5G) Intel® Core™ Rugged Notebook

12” Intel: EM-I22H 2 in 1 Rugged Notebook


Features of window 10 rugged notebook

Higher compatibility

The Windows 10 system will be compatible with most existing PC hardware, which can meet the choices of more industries.


Reduce business costs

Sustainable upgrades and updates reduce the company’s regular expenditure on purchasing a new version of the operating system.


Advanced security features

In the factory, employees need to access important data and applications from different locations and at different times to maintain productivity. Then the security of data is particularly important. The rugged notebook of Windows 10 system uses the most advanced technology to help companies protect their confidential data.


FAQ of windows 10 rugged notebook

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