Rugged Handhelds

The screen size of Emdoor Rugged Handhelds covers 4, 5, and 6 inches, which is convenient to carry, supports both Android and windows10 systems, which has strong industry application software compatibility.Full-featured, supports 1D or 2D code barcode scanning, RFID, NFC, GPS/BD positioning and other functions. Abundant accessories, easy to use, born for the application of the IOT industry.Mainly used in express delivery, logistics and warehousing industries.


Types of Rugged Handhelds



GMS Series


Features of Rugged Handheld

Quicker data collection

Rugged Handheld is easy to use and preferred by data collection industry, you can achieve quick scanning and easier aiming with 1D/2D barcode scanner or UHF module.


More accessories

Rugged Handheld features a range of accessories, including docking charger, scanning trigger, UHF handle, and others to make working easier and more efficient.


FAQs of Rugged Handheld

What should I do if the battery still cannot be fully charged or cannot be charged?

The tablet has a password lock, what should I do if I forget the password?

The battery display is inaccurate, what caused it?