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Custom Silicone Rubber Products

From semi-product silicone rubber compound to the finished products silicone rubber membrane, Shandong Dehai Youli provides fully silicone solutions with 20 years of experience. as per DHYL has finished product silicone rubber membrane and high-temperature silicone rubber bag etc. so for the silicone rubber compound, we have strict production standard and inspection standard.


customized hardness in our plant, high-temperature resistance, performance stable and large capacity supplying are our strengths.


Also for high tear resistant silicone rubber sheet is basic used to solar laminating machine and vacuum membrane press for top 10 photovoltaic Enterprises in China and abroad.


Different Types Of Silicone Rubber Products

We are advanced HTV silicone rubber manufacturers and RTV silicone rubber suppliers. The so-called HTV silicone rubber and RTV silicone rubber are just named according to the different use and performance requirements of silicone rubber products in the silicone rubber industry. Since the vulcanization system of the raw materials is set differently, it can be divided into high-temperature vulcanization systems, the full name is high-temperature vulcanizing silicone rubber, which is HTV. And low-temperature vulcanization system, the full name is room temperature vulcanizing silicone rubber, also known as RTV. In addition to the different vulcanization systems between HTV and RTV, there are also certain differences in their applications and performance.