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Dental Bur

Dental burs is used for dental clinic treatment, dental laboratory polishing. Dental burs is disposable product for use.Dental burs is going to contact with the intact the mucous membrane of the user, and it has been evaluated according to related compatibility standards including ISO 10993-1:2008, EN ISO10993-5:2009 and EN ISO10993-10:2013. The dental burs is made of Metal,stainless steel 304.


Dental Carbide Burs

Carbide burs selection of high toughness, micro grain tungsten steel, the use of advanced CNC machine tools, strict production monitoring and inspection, combined with clinical practical needs carefully manufactured.


Dental Diamond Bur

UMG dental diamond bur made of multi-plating diamond particle and adopted advanced production technology with unique production process.


Model Of Dental Burs

Diamond, carbide


Intended Use Of Dental Burs

Dental burs is used for dental clinic treatment, dental laboratory polishing, dental burs is disposable product for use.


Indication Of Dental Burs

It is used for drilling teeth in the treatment room of stomatology department.


Storage Of Dental Burs

Well ventilated, moisture-proof and indoor temperature not higher than 45℃


Types Of Dental Burs

There are two most common types of oral surgery burs named ungsten carbide burs and dental diamond burs. In those general categories, burs in dentistry include sub-types of burs that vary in shapes, blade configurations, and head angles in order to suit a lot of procedures. All oral surgery burs consist of a shank and a head. Normally, there are three main kinds of shank, such as long straight shank, latch-type shank and friction grip shank.